Filmmaker T. George McArdle has created a sci-fi series called "The Purgatory Series" which consits of 8 Episodes for Season #1. Shooting for this series began in the Spring of 2012 and continued into fall of 2012. It was the first project the filmmaker produced since "Spin Slowly" in 2009. The first episode to the project was shot in the Hudson Valley (upstate NY) and surrounding areas.  "T,. George McArdle's "The Purgatory Series" is a science fiction web series and has been dubbed a modern-day “Twilight Zone” by many critics.

     When asked to describe this project, T. George McArdle stated, “I have been working on this series for almost 5 years.  I’ve been writing, revising and building a great cast and crew.  I love the concept of the project.  Each episode’s vision is an experience of a certain character in the ‘in-between.’  Whatever the viewer believes happens to them after he or she dies is up to that individual; we are all entitled to our own belief.  The constant of the concept remains that the character must face fate and karma in this dimension and deal with the consequences of what goes around, comes back around.”  T. George went on to say that each character in each episode has done something that is deserved of reciprocity and must face the consequences of that before he or she can move on to the next dimension, wherever or however that may be.

*Each episode to the “The Purgatory Series” will be promoted both as an episode to a series and a separate short film and will be promoted via local news and Internet in that way.  Goals of this project include and are not limited to:  an internet web series, interest from investors, meeting and networking with other film professionals and a positive professional experience for all.

*T. George McArdle has surrounded himself with skilled crew and talented cast members.  You may recognize some of the cast and crew, most of which you can find on the Internet on either his/her own website or www.IMDB.com.

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Beauty is Skin Deep (Episode #1) (PILOT) Brain Trust (Episode #2)
Enter The Infidel (Episode #3) The Last Shot (Episode #4)
A Man with a Heart (Episode #5) Animal Instincts (Episode #6)
Good Warning Warden (Episode #7) The Non-Believer (Episode #8)

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